What follows is an appendix of general information which visitors to Lanzarote may find useful during their stay.


On the theme of shopping, its worth bearing in mind the number of Fiesta days when shops, businesses and banks close down for the day. There are a number of general holidays which apply to the whole of the Canaries, and indeed, the whole of Spain. There are, in addition, specific Lanzarote fiestas, celebrating local holy days, or saints days. Apart from a couple of supermarkets in Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife (on Calle Mexico), all the islands shops close on Sunday, which is designated a fiesta de caracter general (a holiday of a general kind). Other fiestas de caracter general applicable on the island include

Local Lanzarote festivals also include


(* The allowance for alcohol and tobacco applies only to persons over 17 years of age).


A recent holiday survey concluded that Lanzarote was one of the cheapest places in Spain for car hire. There are a great many car hire firms, so the competition is tough and prices are subsequently kept down. The companies generally offer a wide range of automobiles from the humble Seat Panda to the luxurious Mercedes. Normally mileage is unlimited, but check the details of the contract with your hire company. A deposit, as well as payment for the rental charge is generally asked for at the outset.

Hire cars normally come with a full tank of petrol which is charged for, and reimbused if you return the vehicle with a full tank. Car insurance usually includes collision damage and (menacingly) bail bond. But rental cars are normally not covered for driving over the islands unmade roads (like the tracks to Papagayo), nor are they covered for driving on other islands.


Emergencies 112. Cabildo (Island Government), 928810100. Civil Guard, 928811100. Traffic Police, 928811886. Fire Brigade, 928814858. Airport, 928811450. Tourist Information Office, 928811860. Timanfaya National Park, 928840057. Jameos del Agua, 928835010. Bus Information, 928811546. British Consul (Las Palmas) 928262508. Water Information and Breakdown, 928811377. Electricity Breakdown, 928810302.

International calls These can be made from all public telephone booths, or the kiosks in Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen (where you pay after youve made the call). For telephoning the UK, dial 07 and wait for a continuous dialling tone. Then dial 44 followed by the local code (without the initial 0 Eg. for Manchester which is 061, simply dial 61). Then dial the local number.

Local telephone information, 1002. Telephone breakdown, 1004. International telephone information, 11888 (for Europe).


There are a number of clinics in Puerto del Carmen run by foreign doctors or English--speaking Canarian medical staff. The island is well equipped for any emergency cases at the main hospital, Virgen de los Volcanes in Arrecife and the Clinica de Urgencias. Medical advice is also given at any of the islands many farmacias (pharmacies). There is a 24--hour rota--based pharmacy service on Lanzarote, with the duty chemists address publicised in the window of all the other pharmacies on the island. Below is a recent list of medical addresses and telephone numbers


Arrecife Farmacia Consuelo Pez, Calle Mejico, 70, Tel 928812566. Farmacia Matallana, Calle Leon y Castillo, 13, Tel 928811093. Farmacia Manuel Medina Voltes, Calle Perez Caldos, 87, Tel 928810560. Farmacia Pedro Medina Armas, Calle Fajardo, 18, Tel 928811068. Farmacia Tenorio, Calle Leon y Castillo, 41, Tel 928811072. Farmacia Valls Diaz, Calle Garcia Escamez, 1, Tel 928811530.

Puerto del Carmen Farmacia Centro, Centro Comercial Bajamar, Tel 928812566. Farmacia Rijo, Centro Comercial Costa Luz, Tel 928825398.

Teguise Farmacia Licenciada, Tel 928842584. Farmacia Maria del Pino Mendoza, Los Zocos, Costa Teguise, Tel 928815818.


Arrecife Hospital Insular, Calle Juan de Quesada, Tel 928810500. Clinico Gonzalez Medina, Calle Garcia Escamez, Tel 928811324. Policlinica Doctor Gomez Ulla, Avenida Fred Olsen, 5, Tel 928811138. Residencia Sanitaria Virgen de los Volcanes (Emergencies), Carretera de los Marmoles, Tel 928812254.

Puerto del Carmen Clinica Puerto del Carmen, Urb. Playa Blanca, Tel 928825911. Clinica de Urgencias (Emergencies), Centro Costa Luz, Los Pocillos, Tel 928825798. Euroklinik, Avenida de las Playas, 52, Tel 928825549.

Costa Teguise Clinic Costa Teguise, Calle La Rosa, Tel 928591014. Clinic Medico Doctor Arzt, Los Zocos, 928590817.

Red Cross (Ambulance Service) Col. Valls de la Torre, 24, Arrecife, Tel 928812222.